TV: Rewatching Bones
BOOKS: Reading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
MUSIC: Listening to Arctic Monkeys & Coldplay on repeat

Wasting the summer away.
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don’t leak nudes

leak the avengers: age of ultron trailer

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Oops, I design-raged.

Poster mock-up from here.

Edit: Though I wasn’t explicitly thinking of it at the time, it occurred to me after the fact that the tagline “Women Are Not Outside for Your Entertainment" almost certainly came to my mind because of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s awesome Stop Telling Women to Smile campaign. Credit where credit is due!

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Stiles text posts, inspired by (x)


yesterday we were just children

but now we’ve stepped into a cruel world


"Read as much as you can. Nothing will help you as much as reading."

—J.K. Rowling (via kaitastrophical)

The first boy I ever kissed ended up in a coma for three weeks. I can still feel him inside my head. It’s the same with you.

This isn’t going to end with us burying the pieces of his body out in the desert, is it?


Avengers Photoset #38


Avengers photoset #37




id hit up barnes and noble during the purge

signs you’re a book addict #1: when you’re willing to risk being brutally murdered for free books



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You've got Natasha listed as a Scorpio, but isn't Nov 22 actually a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp? A cursory Google search suggests to me that nobody seems to be able to decide if the 22nd is Scorpio or Sagittarius (some sites list it as one or the other), so maybe labeling her as on the cusp might be good. Or not. You are the expert, after all, and I do not intend to offend. I'm not an astrology buff. —Anonymous

Yes, November 22 is actually on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, but the dates for the cusps change from year to year. The info I got from the MCU wiki said she was born 22th of november 1984 in Stalingrad (it’s just an assumption though), so I did the natural thing and I made a natal chart. In that year and at that date, the Sun was still in Scorpio, so I listed her as a Scorpio. Don’t worry, no offence taken, I’m actually glad someone asked about that list c:

hey! what do you think of saggitarius *girl* and a virgo * man*? —Anonymous

Well, judging from the sun signs only, it’s not a fantastic pair. Fire/earth couples are pretty unstable, and it’s gonna need a lot of work. Also, I believe you’re implying a certain age difference, which in this case isn’t exactly helping. Those two signs can learn from each other a lot, but I don’t exactly see a lasting relationship.




i can only handle so much socializing until i get tired and start getting irritated towards everyone and want to go home and sleep or lock myself in my room and go on the computer

This is what it means to be an introvert. Not being shy. This.

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